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David Lautrec is a producer, screenwriter, composer, musician, and actor. He has performed, both on stage and in studio, with Earth, Wind & Fire. David founded and tours with Desert Redux. Desert Redux features some of the greatest musicians of a generation, including drummer Alvin Taylor (Elton John, Eric Burdon, George Harrison, Billy Preston, Bob Welch) and guitarist Derol Caraco (Kelly Clarkson, Nancy Sinatra, Lee Oskar.) He also closely collaborates with percussionists Oliver C. Brown (Founding Member K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Natalie Cole, Jermaine Jackson,) Ken Becker (Hermie Dressel,) and bassist, Fernando Gomez (SPAIN, Godspell.) David's current endeavors also include consulting with Call Sheet Media, producing, writing and composing.

Original Compositions:

Optima Tax Relief - Jingle
Wayfair - Jingle
Primal Mist Perfume (Infomercial)
Forever Sheer w/ Brooke Shields (Commercial)
A Night at Big Rock (Film Composer)
Delphis Software (Product Composer)
Cinemark Spot (Composer via Rapp Worldwide)
Lulu femme nue (Film Composer)
Blackheart (Film Composer)

Original Screenplays:

The Marillac Duet
[WGAw Reg #: 1716096]
The Platinum Checker
[© 2014]
Club Trindad
[© 2015]
Rage The Sun (Short)
[WGAw Reg #: 1790090]
Koutouki Alley
[© 2018]
[WGAw Reg #: 2147614]
Cereza, Decanted
[In Production]
Satan's Twin
[In Production]
The Quiet Before
[WGAw Reg #: 2244889]

In the News:

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